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Granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill

Celia Sandys Biography

Celia Sandys, daughter of Sir Winston Churchill’s eldest child, Diana and Cabinet Minister Duncan Sandys, is an internationally acclaimed author, journalist, television presenter and speaker.

Celia has published five books on various aspects of Winston Churchill’s life. These combine intensive historical research with personal anecdotes recalled from the time she spent with him in England and abroad.  Her most recent book, We Shall Not Fail – The Inspiring Leadership of Winston Churchill, describes the principles of leadership which enabled Winston Churchill, Britain’s Prime Minister from 1940 to 1945, to lead his country and the rest of the free world to overwhelming victory against Nazi Germany and its allies in World War II.

Another of her books, Chasing Churchill, is the basis for a documentary which was first aired on PBS in the USA and on the Discovery Channel in the UK in 2008. Presented and narrated by Celia Sandys, the program describes her grandfather’s extensive military, political and private travels across the world, including the many journeys on which she accompanied him. It includes fascinating interviews with some of those who met Churchill during the course of these travels or whose parents or grandparents had done so. This riveting portrait of one of the 20th Century’s iconic figures as painted by someone who knew him as “Grandpapa”.

In great demand as a speaker, Celia Sandys has fascinated amused and enthralled audiences around the world. Drawing on her vast and intimate knowledge of Winston Churchill’s personal and political life, and her own extraordinary network of friends around the globe, her speeches to groups both large and small are often accompanied by excerpts from some of her grandfather’s speeches as well as photographs and other material drawn from her private collection.  Among the more popular of her subjects are “Memories of My Grandfather At Home and Abroad”, “The Inspiring Leadership of Winston Churchill” and “Churchill in America”.