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Granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill

We Shall Not Fail: The Inspiring Leadership of Winston Churchill. With co-author Jonathan Littman.

First published 1993.

The leadership principles and example of Britain’s wartime leader.

Chasing Churchill, The Travels of Winston Churchill.

First published 1993.

A pilgrimage in Churchill’s footsteps around the world and personal memories of holidays the author spent with her grandfather in his later years.

“Original and hugely entertaining….one of the most evocative and engaging books on Churchill I’ve ever read.” Andrew Roberts – Mail on Sunday

View Tasters on this site of the TV documentary Chasing Churchill aired in the US on PBS July 21,28 and August 4 2008 and in the UK on Discovery in December 2008.

Churchill Wanted Dead or Alive.

First published 1999.

Churchill’s thrilling adventures in South Africa during the Anglo – Boer War.

“Fascinating narrative….The romantic stuff of Victorian adventure fiction, but it has the virtue of being true.” New York Times

“An exciting tale that should be read, if for nothing else, for the fun of it.” Wall Street Journal

From Winston With Love and Kisses, The Young Churchill.

First published 1994.

The first twenty years of Churchill’s life based on diaries and letters between him and those closest to him.

Note this book is currently unavailable from Amazon

Churchill a short biography.

First published 2003.

Chosen and adapted as the Book of The Churchill Museum 2005.

“Celia Sandys’s comprehensive text is a first-class introduction to the life and deeds of her grandfather.” Former President of The Churchill Centre and editor of “Finest Hour.”

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